Three questions with Minori Telang

Three questions with a new staff member!  

Please meet Minori Telang. Minori Telang comes to us from a variety of network engineering activities. She has worked for a telecom, in the health sector, and at a SAAS based company.

Outside work, she enjoys travel, hiking, and exploring new coffee shops with her husband. She is very keen on photography and loves to capture nature.

What brought you to ESnet?

During my interview process, I was told that ESnet’s main focus is to build networks for Scientific research and development. Hearing that I felt excited because I could be part of such a big community and can help support various researches across the world. I also think that this will help me grow professionally. 

What is the most exciting thing going on right now?

SDN and Cloud Networking is the most exciting technology right now.

What book would you recommend?

Instead of a book, I can recommend a spectacular hike, the Pipiwai trail in Hawaii  🙂