About ESnet

Final ESnet_Europe magESnet is about Connections

A rising tide of scientific data is being produced by wide-scale research collaborations in scientific areas ranging from physics to climate studies, astronomy, and combustion research. Our mission at the Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) is to foster scientific discovery by connecting Department of Energy scientists at over 40 national laboratories via high bandwidth access to unique DOE facilities, computing resources, and collaborators around the world.

We help scientists manage, analyze and exchange large data sets generated by powerful supercomputers, large-scale research collaborations and unique facilities such as the Large Hadron Collider. We also conduct groundbreaking research on the networking technologies and protocols that will make up the next generation Internet as well as explore ways to build networks that can keep up with the increasing torrent of scientific data, but at a reduced carbon footprint.

Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science and based at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the current ESnet network boasts 100 Gigabits per second of capacity along the entire backbone and now extends across the Atlantic directly into Europe in collaboration with CERN and GEANT.

ESnet works directly with science communities to help researchers efficiently transfer data end-to-end, no matter how many miles, networks and continents it has to cross.  We offer scientists the ability to schedule large data transfers with our award-winning On-Demand Secure Circuits and Advance Reservation System (OSCARS), multi-domain, high-bandwidth virtual circuits that guarantee end-to-end network performance. We provide our users network visualization and troubleshooting tools such as perfSONAR. We are also constantly improving the roster of services we offer users to make it easier to use the network through resources like the Fasterdata Knowledge base,  the MyESnet live user portal, and an integrated kit of software tools.

Stay tuned for more exciting news throughout 2017!