Get your latest version of perfSONAR PS toolkit

The perfSONAR collaboration has just announced the release of version 3.2 of the pS Performance Toolkit.  The latest version of perfSONAR-PS is available at

“perfSONAR is critical to helping our constituents achieve acceptable network performance for scientific applications” commented Eli Dart, network engineer at ESnet, who uses perfSONAR routinely. “The continued progress by the perfSONAR collaboration in developing and deploying practical test and measurement infrastructure is helping our scientists conduct critical research collaborations in many areas including climate, energy, biology and genomics.”

Release 3.2 offers features including:

– – Adoption of the CentOS Linux platform
– – Improved admin GUIs to guide the user through setup and maintenance of the host
– – Updated versions of perfSONAR-PS monitoring software
– – Updated versions of performance software including OWAMP, BWCTL, NDT, NPAD, Cacti, and Iperf
– – Stability and bugfix based improvements
– – Ability to install directly to the hard disk

For more information, check the release notes.

“Large-scale science pushes the limits of computing, storage and networking” said ESnet’s Chris Tracy, who is actively engaged in ongoing testing of trans-Atlantic circuits with US LHCNet for use by the Large Hadron Collider experiments. “perfSONAR is used daily in monitoring the network infrastructure that supports the LHC experiments, and perfSONAR provides the go-to toolset for finding, characterizing, and locating performance problems so that they can be fixed and the science can proceed unhindered.”

Collaborators on the pS Performance Toolkit urge users to subscribe to the mailing list for support questions and general discussion.