Interactive Timeline Showcases ESnet’s 30 Years of Networking Leadership

ESnet_30year_r3_FinalIn observance of its 30 years of supporting Department of Energy sciences, ESnet is kicking off six months of activities highlighting the network’s accomplishments and contributions to the global networking community, starting with an interactive timeline highlighting ESnet’s networking innovations and milestones, and including extensive documentation of the network as it evolved.

In 1986, DOE merged the Magnetic Fusion Energy Network (MFEnet) with the High Energy Physics Network (HEPnet) to create the Energy Sciences Network, better known as ESnet.  But ESnet’s roots reach back to the mid-1970s when four dial-up modems connected the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab to the National Magnetic Fusion Energy Computer Center, which is today known as NERSC, DOE’s National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center.

In the coming months, watch for more posts marking ESnet’s 30th.

View the timeline.