ESnet Director Inder Monga to Deliver Keynote at CNSM Conference Nov. 7

ESnet Director Inder Monga will deliver a keynote address at the 14th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM), which takes place Nov. 5-9, 2018 at the International University of Languages and Media in Rome, Italy.

His talk, “Quantifying Your Network: Building a Network Fitbit,” will focus on the trend toward analytics-driven networking and the resulting challenges and opportunities for research and education networks.

“Applications want more instrumentation from the network, and so do network engineers,” said Monga. “As the era of ‘gut-feel networking’ passes to analytics-driven networking, more and more data about networks, including the constituent flows, will need to be being tracked and retrieved. With networks becoming an effective sensor, new methods are being proposed to manage the streaming telemetry.”

Monga’s talk is scheduled for November 7.