ESnet’s Nick Buraglio Leading SCinet’s First SDN Effort at SC15

For the first time, SCinet, the research and production network for the SC conference series, will be using software defined networking (SDN) to manage and simplify the operations for a portion of the SC15 conference’s show floor network.  Nick Buraglio of the ESnet Network Engineering Group is leading the project.

SCinet is the research and production network that serves as the data communications backbone for the annual SC conference. By using SDN, the network engineers deploying SCinet will be able to transfer the task of configuring individual network switching devices to a single piece of software, removing human error from the process of setting up connections within the network.

“Take the last three problems or errors that have occurred on a network of any notable size,” says  Buraglio, “and it’s almost always a configuration problem—some kind of human error that caused those issues.” Deploying SDN will simplify managing these network connections and will hopefully reduce the time engineers spend troubleshooting configuration and provisioning errors.

ESnet’s Nick Buraglio

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