ESnet Releases Open Source Software from MyESnet Portal for Building Online Interactive Network Portals

When ESnet, the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Energy Sciences Network, unveiled its online interactive network portal called MyESnet in July of 2011, the reaction was strongly positive – other research and education networks liked it so much, they wanted the code to create their own portals.

After four years of development and refinement, they will get their wish. On Oct. 5, Jon Dugan of ESnet’s Tool Team will give a presentation on “ESnet’s Network Visualization Toolkit” at the 2015 Technology Exchange conference in Cleveland, Ohio. About 500 network experts from around the world are expected to attend the meeting.

“People really appreciate MyESnet, which we think is a great visualization of the network and network data. We have received a lot of queries from the community to help them create a similar portal,” said ESnet Chief Technologist Inder Monga, who leads the Tools Team. “So as a way of giving back to the community, we are releasing as open source three software libraries we developed that provide critical components to create the portal.”

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Snet is releasing the open source libraries used to create the portal that includes network maps like this one.