ESnet’s Greg Bell: Better Networking Helps Federal Agencies Better Fulfill Missions

In a Feb. 20 presentation given to government network providers during a one-day workshop on “Scaling Networks Securely and Cost Effectively” in Washington, D.C, ESnet Director Greg Bell told his audience that improvements to network infrastructure can help agencies better meet their missions. According to an article about his talk in Federal Computer Week, Bell said that common problems like “naively configured firewalls, lossy networks” – things like poor cabling, for example – and poorly configured end-systems hinder network speed. These kinds of problems are a much simpler fix than alternatives such as costly improvements to the physical network.

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ESnet operates a 100 Gbps backbone network connecting 40 Department of Energy sites across the country and links them with more than 100 other research networks around the world, supporting science on a global scale.


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