Gopal Vaswani joins ESnet

Gopal Vaswani, no longer incognito

Gopal Vaswani has joined ESnet’s Network Engineering Group as a computer systems engineer, where he will help conceptualize and develop tools and services for the network’s infrastructure. Vaswani recently earned a master’s degree in Information Management and Systems from the University of California, Berkeley. After graduation, Vaswani worked at two Internet startup companies before coming to ESnet—Virtual Vehicle LLC, a company that he co-founded with a U.C. Berkeley classmate, and ifeelgoods Inc., an early phase social media startup. Vaswani is interested in how technology shapes our perceptions and society. He has a strong background in user interface design. His projects ranged from developing virtual test drive system that maps a simulated day in a plug-in vehicle onto a users actual day driving a gasoline-powered car, to a project using natural language processing tools and customized search to track the trajectory of migratory words so users can query an index of text documents and track the migration of language from multiple sources into legislative and policy discussions.

Prior to graduate school, Vaswani was a user experience researcher at and Honeywell Technology Labs in Bangalore, India. In these roles, he looked for ways to improve user experience while keeping in mind the business and technical constraints of the design. “A big theme in our undergraduate design education was how computing can satisfy needs of people,” says Vaswani.

Originally from India, Vaswani earned a bachelor’s degree in design at the Indian Institute of Technology. A self-proclaimed “movie buff,” Vaswani enjoys watching historical and cultural documentaries, as well as world cinemas, and one day hopes to create his own documentary.