We upgraded fasterdata-check it out!

ESnet’s performance knowledge base, fasterdata.es.net, had grown organically for almost 15 years, and was in serious need of an overhaul. Out-of-date information needed to be removed, and a general reorganization was needed. As ESnet is in the middle of converting its web site to a CMS (Content Management System) that can be easily referenced and searched, we decided to use this opportunity to upgrade fasterdata as the first experiment with the new CMS.

Check out http://fasterdata.es.net and see what you think. “Some of the content and formatting is still not finalized, but I think you’ll find this a huge improvement over the old site”, said Brian Tierney, the author of much of the site’s content. There are over 85 pages of information and advice. It was a big job to rework all of the old site content but we are glad to say that it is completed, and posted for everyone to access and use. We anticipate later upgrades, but the new CMS will allow us to update information quickly, and make the site far easier to locate pages of interest than in the past.

This site gets over 3000 hits/week from all over the world, and is used by folks in all industries and R&E to improve their network performance and troubleshoot problems. Try it out and let Brian know your opinion at bltierney@es.net.