ESnet Call for Proposals: Advanced Networking Initiative Testbed

ANI ConfigurationESnet is now soliciting research proposals for its ARRA-funded testbed. It currently provides network researchers with a rapidly reconfigurable high-performance network research environment where reproducible tests can be run. This will eventually evolve into a nationwide 100Gbps testbed, available for use to any researcher whose proposal is accepted.

Sample Research

Researchers can use the testbed to prototype, test, and validate cutting edge networking concepts, for example, projects including:

  • Path computation algorithms that incorporate information about hybrid layer 1, 2 and 3 paths, and support ‘cut-through’ routing.
  • New transport protocols for high speed networks
  • Protection and recovery algorithms
  • Automatic classification of large bulk data flows
  • New routing protocols
  • New network management techniques
  • Novel packet processing algorithms
  • High-throughput middleware and applications research

Please look at the description to get a more detailed idea of the current testbed capabilities.

Important Dates

The proposal review panel will discuss and review proposals twice yearly. The first round of proposals is due October 1, 2010, and decisions will be made by Dec 10, 2010. After that the committee will meet approximately every six months to accept additional proposals and review progress of current projects.

Proposals should be sent to:
More details on the testbed and the brief proposal process can be found right here.