A note to our users: ESnet’s new ReadyTalk service launches July 30, 2010

At noon PST July 30, 2010 ESnet is switching audio/web conferencing infrastructure (Cisco MeetingPlace) to a commercial service provider – ReadyTalk Inc. http://www.readytalk.com/

ReadyTalk audio/web conferencing is:

* Free, no reservations required, audio/web conferencing

* 24-hour customer care toll-free number

* Toll-free domestic and international access (over 100 countries) to audio conferencing

* Each account can accommodate to 96 ports

Current users funded by the DOE Office of Science will receive an email containing new account information from ReadyTalk shortly. User registration for new audio/web conferencing service starts July 30, 2010. The Cisco MeetingPlace audio bridge will continue to operate until September 30, 2010, 5 PM PST, but no new MeetingPlace registrations will be accepted after July 30th.

These changes only apply to audio conferencing services, not video. ESnet will upgrade the video conferencing infrastructure in the fall/winter 2010.  Got questions?  Drop us a note at trouble@es.net. In the meantime, check for updates and info at http://www.ecs.es.net/