ESnet’s Monga to Lead Quantum Network Discussions at DOE Workshop

Inder Monga, ESnet Director

Inder Monga, director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Energy Sciences Network (ESnet), is headed to Rockville, MD next week to participate in the Quantum Networks for Open Science (QNet) Workshop, to be held Sept. 25-26.

Sponsored by the DOE’s Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research, the event will bring together experts from national labs, industry, government, and academia to identify research challenges and opportunities in the development and deployment of quantum networks to support distributed quantum information science (QIS) activities. The workshop will cover a spectrum of quantum communications networks and subsystems, including quantum interconnects, quantum local area networks, quantum metropolitan networks, and quantum wide area networks.

“While we are busy designing and developing our next-generation network ESnet6, we need to look ahead to the emerging quantum technologies that will impact our science users to ensure that we have a deep understanding of the technological issues and are able to invest in the appropriate infrastructure when needed,” said Monga, who is on the organizing committee for the QNet workshop and will co-lead a discussion on Operations and Control for Quantum Networks with Dr. Ben Yoo from the University of California, Davis and Dr. Cees de Laat from the University of Amsterdam, an affiliate of Berkeley Lab and a member of the QuSoft Research Center on Quantum Software.

– Written by Kathy Kincade