ESnet Staff to Share Expertise in SC13 Tutorials

At the SC13 conference to be held Nov. 17-22, networking experts from the Department of Energy’s ESnet will share their expertise and experience in two tutorials designed to help high performance computing center managers and IT staff simplify and accelerate data transfers on the network. Not only does ESnet operate the nation’s fastest network for scientific research at 100 gigiabits per second, but ESnet staff also work with their counterparts at computing facilities to help them make the most effective use of their high-speed connections.

The tutorials are:

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NERSC Now Connected to ESnet and Beyond at 100G

All network traffic flowing in-and-out of the Department of Energy’s National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) is now moving at 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps)—this includes everything from email to massive scientific datasets. Jason Lee, who leads NERSC’s Network and Security Team, worked with engineers at the DOE’s Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) to set up a 100Gbps Science DMZ, which gives NERSC network engineers the ability to set up multiple private circuits using software-defined networking (SDN). With these tools, NERSC staff can help remote scientists who may see their data transfers slow down due to firewalls at their local campuses achieve a true 100Gbps end-to-end connection. Additionally, ESnet engineers also helped NERSC set up a system to announce their own address space. This allows the center to separately route traffic to any research or education (R&E) site or separate R&E traffic from the commodity Internet.

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