ESnet, KINBER Peering to Enhance Network Capabilities to PA Universities

KINBER, the Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research in Pennsylvania, and ESnet, the Department of Energy’s Energy Sciences Network, announced today (Nov. 18)  the establishment of a new peering connection between KINBER’s PennREN network and the ESnet national network via Internet2’s AL2S service.

The new 10 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) based peering connection will allow for greater capacity, speed and enhanced research capabilities for several PennREN connected higher education institutions across Pennsylvania, including Swarthmore College, Drexel University, Pennsylvania State University, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, and Lehigh University.

Research applications that will benefit from this new enhanced connection include those in areas such as exascale computing; machine learning algorithms for matching theories, simulations and observations in cosmology; chemical imaging and other advanced Department of Energy-funded basic research in physical science.

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Attending SC16? Check out these 2 high-speed demos


ESnet is collaborating with Stanford University and SLAC to present two presentations and demonstrations of high speed data transfer as part of the SC16 conference. If you’re in Salt Lake City, drop by and watch the data fly.Please also forward this invitation to others that may be interested.

3-4 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 15, in  the Stanford/SLAC booth #2101 we will be presenting three talks on:

  1. The science (Linear Coherent Light Source-II) needs to transfer regularly massive amounts of data (1 Tbit/sec by 2024) from the experiment in Menlo Park (SLAC) to an Exascale computer in Berkeley (NERSC)
  2. How ESnet is enabling distributed data intensive science and hence LCLS-II
  3. A demonstration of transferring Lots of Small Files data motivated by LCLS’s need for semi real-time transfer and access to the data acquisition system’s output.

11 a.m.-12 noon Wednesday, Nov. 16, in the Department of Energy booth #1030 we will be demonstrating high-speed file-to-file transfers.

This will include a cost effective, energy and space efficient, high availability forward looking software and data transfer system reference design for high speed file transfer. We will demonstrate:

  • Over the LAN file to file data transfer of 10 x100GiB files over 2 x 100Gbps links.
  • Over the wide area (122ms link) with a 70Gbps ESnet OSCARS shared circuit including Lots of Small Files  (1 million  x 1MByte files) transfer with and without TLS encryption

ESnet’s Expertise Underpins SC16 Conference Events

Each year, more than 10,000 professionals in high performance computing, networking, data storage and analysis convene from around the world at the SC conference. For six days, the latest innovations, technologies and ideas will be shared during SC16 in Salt Lake City, with significant support from ESnet.

ESnet’s expertise in networking will be shared in workshop sessions, talks, demonstrations and overall support for the conference. In particular, This year, ESnet is helping provision 600 Gbps of bandwidth (6 x 100G) between ESnet and the SC16 conference, which is more than the network has ever brought up to SCinet in the past.

Read more about ESnet-related activities at SC16.

Here’s a look at SC16 demos supported by ESnet: